Commit d44d633d authored by ∞'s avatar 💻

Shift arguments to support both calls

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......@@ -277,15 +277,16 @@ def debug(*args, **kwargs):
print(f'Context kwargs: {context.kwargs}')
def main(argv=None):
argv = argv if argv else sys.argv
path = argv[1] if len(argv) > 1 else 'help'
def main(argv=None, default_path=None):
argv = argv if argv is not None else sys.argv[1:]
path = argv[0] if argv else default_path or 'help'
# hack allowing the caller to not define it in their module
if path == 'help':
path = ''
callback = Callback.factory(path)
args, kwargs = expand(*argv[2:])
args, kwargs = expand(*argv[1:])
if not callback.cb:
print(f'Could not find callback {callback.path}')
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