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Convert unit testcases into pytest cases

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......@@ -208,6 +208,7 @@ def help(cb=None):
cb = Callback.factory(cb or context.default_module)
def _modhelp():
moddoc = False
if cb.filename:
moddoc = filedoc(cb.filename)
"""Clitoo Test cases."""
import clitoo
import sys
import os
import shutil
import pytest
class TestClitoo(object):
  • why have a class here ?

  • As pytest says Once you develop multiple tests, you may want to group them into a class. pytest makes it easy to create a class containing more than one test that's why I create the class to cover all cases.

    Edited by rajesh
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"""Classes can still be used to organize collections of test cases, with.
each test being a Method on the Class, rather than a standalone function.
url = ""
def test_python_3_version_compatibility(self):
"""Test python 3 version comptibility."""
pyvestion = sys.version.split(".")
assert pyvestion[0] == '3' and pyvestion[1] == '6'
def test_python_2_version_compatibility(self):
"""Test python 2 version comptibility."""
pyvestion = sys.version.split(".")
assert pyvestion[0] != '2'
def test_context_valid_args_factory(self):
"""Test aggument and keyword argument for factory."""
argvlist = ['-a', '--b', '--something=to see', 'how', 'it=parses']
ct = clitoo.Context.factory(argvlist)
assert set({'something': 'to see'}).issubset(ct.kwargs)
assert set(['a', 'b']).issubset(ct.args)
def test_context_invalid_single_dash_kwargs_factory(self):
"""Test single dash keyword argument for context factory."""
argvlist = ['-a', '--b', '--something=-', 'how', 'it=-parses']
with pytest.raises(OSError):
def test_context_invalid_double_dash_argument_factory(self):
"""Test aggument and keyword argument for factory."""
argvlist = ['-a', '--b', '--', '--something=to see', 'how', 'it=parses']
with pytest.raises(OSError):
def test_expand_invalid_single_dash_argument_factory(self):
"""Test invalid argument format for the expand."""
argvlist = ['your.func', '-a', '-', '--b', '--something=to see', 'how',
with pytest.raises(OSError):
def test_context_empty_factory(self):
"""Test aggument and keyword argument for factory."""
argvlist = []
ct = clitoo.Context.factory(argvlist)
assert set({}).issubset(ct.kwargs)
assert set([]).issubset(ct.args)
def test_factory(self):
"""Test pass for avaliable callback.
Test nested attribute for factory.
from clitoo.git import clone, push, apply
cb = clitoo.Callback.factory('clitoo.git.clone')
assert cb.cb == clone
cb = clitoo.Callback.factory('clitoo.git.push')
assert cb.cb == push
cb = clitoo.Callback.factory('clitoo.git.apply')
assert cb.cb == apply
def test_factory_fail(self):
"""Test fail for not avaliable callback and nested attribute for factory."""
cb = clitoo.Callback.factory('clitoo.git.reset')
assert cb.cb is None
def test_callback_fail(self):
"""Test fail for not avaliable callback."""
cb = clitoo.Callback.factory('clitooofail')
assert cb.cb is None
def test_callback_callables(self):
"""The test success, If the callback is available."""
cb = clitoo.Callback.factory('')
assert 'help' in cb.callables
assert 'debug' in cb.callables
def test_class_properties(self):
Check class didnt change from a defined snapshot. Class changes or new.
references makes this test fail to warn the dev, who will decide if the.
change must be accounted.
def _check_class_properties(model_class, properties_list_snapshot):
"""Test properties of the class."""
fields = [field for field, _ in model_class.__dict__.items()]
missing_list = set(properties_list_snapshot) - set(fields)
new_list = set(fields) - set(properties_list_snapshot)
assert len(missing_list) == 0 and len(new_list) == 0
callback_props = ['path', 'module', 'modname', 'funcname', 'parts',
'cb', 'callables']
_check_class_properties(clitoo.Callback(), callback_props)
context_props = ['args', 'kwargs', 'argv', 'default_module']
_check_class_properties(clitoo.Context(), context_props)
def test_expand(self):
"""Test format of the argument and keyword argument to expanding."""
argvlist = ['your.func', '-a', '--b', '--something=to see', 'how',
ex_args, ex_kwargs = clitoo.expand(*argvlist[1:])
assert set(ex_args).issubset(['how'])
assert set(ex_kwargs).issubset({'it': 'parses'})
def test_filenamne(self):
"""Test filename of callback function."""
cb = clitoo.Callback.factory('help')
assert len(cb.filename) != 0
def test_no_filedoc(self):
"""Return default doc string.If doc string is not avaliable for followling(clone,push,)."""
base_dir = os.path.dirname(os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__)))
file_path = base_dir + '/clitoo/clitoo/'
doc_text = clitoo.filedoc(file_path)
assert 'Document me !' == doc_text
class Foo:
bar = {'baz': [lambda *a, **k: 'test']}
def test_main(self):
"""Test main method."""
clitoo.main(['debug', 'git.clone'])
def test_run_cmd(self):
"""Test _run function of the git module."""
base_dir = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__))
app_path = base_dir + "/clitoo/testcli"
cmd = ['clone', self.url]
assert os.path.isdir(app_path)
def test_callback_nested_attribute():
cb = clitoo.Callback.factory('')
assert cb.cb ==['baz'][0]
def test_clone_cmd(self):
"""Test clone of the git module."""
base_dir = os.path.dirname(os.path.abspath(__file__))
clitoo.git.clone(self.url, base_dir + "/clitoo/testcli")
assert os.path.isdir(base_dir + "/clitoo/testcli/clitoo")
shutil.rmtree(base_dir + "/clitoo/testcli")
def test_apply_cmd(self):
"""Test apply of the git module."""
def test_callback_nested_module():
from clitoo.git import clone
cb = clitoo.Callback.factory('clitoo.git.clone')
assert cb.cb == clone
def test_apply_help_cmd(self):
"""Return the help doc string for the apply."""'git.apply')
def test_push_help_cmd(self):
"""Return the help doc string for the push."""'git.push')
def test_callback_fail():
cb = clitoo.Callback.factory('clitoooooooolaaaawwwwllllzz')
assert cb.cb is None
def test_reset_help_cmd(self):
"""Return the help doc string for the clone."""
with pytest.raises(AttributeError):
def test_help(self):
"""Test help method."""
def test_callback_callables():
cb = clitoo.Callback.factory('clitoo')
assert 'help' in cb.callables
def test_empty_debug(self):
"""Test debug method."""
def test_args_debug(self):
"""Test debug method."""
clitoo.debug(*('git.clone', '12'))
def test_help(capsys):'clitoo')
def test_not_exists_method(self):
"""Test not avaliable method for clitoo module."""
with pytest.raises(AttributeError):
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