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Remove deprecated module auto

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import os
import re
import shlex
import shutil
import pty
import yaml
from clilabs import context
from processcontroller import ProcessController
def _find_config_file():
for root, dirs, files in os.walk('.'):
for f in files:
if f == 'clilabs-auto.yml' or \
f == 'clilabs-auto.yaml':
return os.path.join(root, f)
def _parse_file():
file_path = _find_config_file()
if not file_path:
return None, None
with open(file_path, 'r') as f:
return file_path, yaml.load(
def _get_script(content, kwargs):
if content and 'script' in content:
script = content['script']
if not script:
return None
for i, s in enumerate(script):
for key, val in kwargs.items():
script[i] = script[i].replace('${' + key + ':}', val)
script[i] = re.sub('\$\{[^\${:}]*\:}', '', script[i])
script[i] = shlex.split(script[i])
script[i] = ' '.join(script[i])
return script
def _get_shell_cmd():
shells = ['bash -e', 'sh -e']
if 'shell' in context.kwargs:
shells.insert(0, context.kwargs['shell'])
for shell in shells:
if _run.shell_cmd is None:
_run.shell_cmd = shlex.split(shell)
_run.shell_cmd[0] = shutil.which(_run.shell_cmd[0])
print(f'# Shell command {_run.shell_cmd}')
return _run.shell_cmd
def _print_line(c, l):
os.write(pty.STDOUT_FILENO, l.encode())
def _next_cmd(c, l):
if _run.script_count is None:
_run.script_count = 0
_run.script_count += 1
def _next_job(c, l):
if _run.job_count is None:
_run.job_count = 0
_run.script_count = 0
_run.job_count += 1
def _abort(c, l):
_run.script_count = len(_run.script)
_run.exit_status = int(l.split(' ')[0])
def _get_shell():
if is None:
proc = ProcessController(), {
'detached': True,
'private': True,
'echo': False,
'when': [
['(?!^([0-9]* )?CLILABS_AUTO_.*_TOKEN$)', _print_line],
['^CLILABS_AUTO_DONE_TOKEN$', _next_cmd],
['^.*CLILABS_AUTO_ERR_TOKEN$', _abort],
}) = proc
def _wait_shell():
shell = _get_shell()
pid, status = shell.wait()
return _run.exit_status
def _run():
shell = _get_shell()
if _run.job_count < len(
_run.script =[_run.job_count][1]
if _run.script_count < len(_run.script):
instruction = _run.script[_run.script_count]
shell.send('(' + instruction +
if _run.exit_status is None:
_run.exit_status = 0
return shell.return_value
def _execute(jobs, kwargs):
path, content = _parse_file()
if not path:
print('# Could not find any clilabs-auto configuration file')
return 1
print(f'# Using {path}')
if not content and path:
print('# No jobs found')
return 2
if not jobs:
print('# Jobs found:')
for j in content.keys():
return 0
_run.shell_cmd = None
cmd = _get_shell_cmd() = None
if not cmd or not len(cmd) or not cmd[0]:
print(f'# Invalid shell command')
return 5
jobs_scripts = []
for j in jobs.split(','):
if j in content:
print(f'# Running {j} job from {path}')
script = (j, _get_script(content[j], kwargs))
if not script[1]:
print(f'# No script found for job {j}, ..aborting')
return 4
if _execute.debug:
for i, s in enumerate(script[1]):
print(f'# Job {j} not found, ..aborting')
return 3
_run.job_count = 0 = jobs_scripts
_run.script_count = 0
_run.script = None
_run.exit_status = None
retcode = _wait_shell()
if retcode:
return retcode
return 0
def play(jobs=None, **kwargs):
"""Play automation Jobs
This function will walk in current tree, looking for a file called
'clilabs-auto.yml' or 'clilabs-auto.yaml'.
The walk will stop at the first matching file.
It will then parse it looking for jobs matching with the first param
If no job is specified, it will print the list of jobs found in the
clilabs-auto config file
:param jobs: a coma separated list of jobs
:param **kwargs: a list of variables to dynamically assign to job vars
The variables must be in the form ${name:} in the config file
They will be replaced by the value of the kwarg name=value
Variables are optional and will be replaced by an empty string if
they are not specified in the command line without throwing any errors
clilabs auto:play # list jobs
clilabs auto:play flake8 # play job flake8
clilabs auto:play flake8,pytest pip_opt=--user # play jobs flake8 and
# pytest setting var
# pip_opt to '--user'
_execute.debug = False
return _execute(jobs, kwargs)
def debug(jobs=None, **kwargs):
"""Dry run of auto:play
This function will only show what would have been done by the play function
See play for more information:
clilabs help auto:play
_execute.debug = True
return _execute(jobs, kwargs)
main = debug
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