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......@@ -11,13 +11,8 @@ To call your.module.callback('arg1', 'argN', kwarg1='foo'):
cli2 your.module.callback arg1 argN kwarg1=foo
You can also prefix arguments with a dash, those that contain equal sign
will end in dict your_console_script.parser.dashkwargs, those without equal
sign will end up in a list in your_console_script.parser.dashargs.
If you're using the default cli2.console_script then you can import it. If
you don't know what console_script instance, use
cli2.guess_console_script() which will inspect the call stack and return
what it believes is the ConsoleScript instance currently in use.
will end in dict console_script.parser.dashkwargs, those without equal
sign will end up in a list in console_script.parser.dashargs.
For examples, try `cli2 debug`.
For other commands, try `cli2 help`.
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