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Add test fixtures

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......@@ -2,11 +2,7 @@ import cli2
def test_help():
cli2.autotest('tests/cli2_help.txt', 'cli2', 'help')
def test_run_help():
cli2.autotest('tests/cli2_help.txt', 'cli2', 'run', '')
cli2.autotest('tests/cli2_help.txt', 'cli2 help')
def test_importable_factory():
command: cli2 help
retcode: 0
cli2 makes your python callbacks work on CLI too !
cli2 provides sub-commands to introspect python modules or callables docstrings
or to execute callables or help working with cli2 itself.
help Get help for a command.
config config(**config)
debug Dump parsed variables.
docfile Docstring for a file path.
docmod Docstring for a module in dotted path.
run Execute a python callback on the command line.
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