Commit 5b45cd2c authored by jpic ∞'s avatar jpic ∞ 💾
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Support async callable objects

parent 7ea9b050
......@@ -193,12 +193,19 @@ class Callable(Importable):
def for_callback(cls, cb):
return getattr(cb, 'cli2', cls(cb.__name__, cb))
def is_async(self):
__call__ = getattr(, '__call__', None)
if __call__ and inspect.iscoroutinefunction(__call__):
return True
return inspect.iscoroutinefunction(
def __call__(self, *args, **kwargs):
req_args = self.required_args
if len(args) < len(req_args):
raise Cli2ArgsException(self, args)
if inspect.iscoroutinefunction(
if self.is_async:
target = sync.async_to_sync(
target =
......@@ -216,6 +223,7 @@ class Callable(Importable):
def required_args(self):
if self.is_module:
return []
argspec = inspect.getfullargspec(
......@@ -228,9 +236,13 @@ class Callable(Importable):
del argspec.args[0]
if argspec.defaults:
return argspec.args[:-len(argspec.defaults)]
args = argspec.args[:-len(argspec.defaults)]
return argspec.args
args = argspec.args
if args and args[0] in ('self', 'cls'):
return args[1:]
return args
except TypeError:
# catch builtins that don't provide a signature
# TODO: parse first line of inspect.getdoc() for builtin signature?
......@@ -18,3 +18,41 @@ def test_command_color_default():
def foo():
assert cli2.Callable('foo', foo).color == cli2.YELLOW
def test_callable_object():
result = cli2.Callable.factory(
assert == cli2.ConsoleScript.singleton
assert not result.required_args
assert [*result.get_callables()]
def test_boundmethod():
result = cli2.Callable.factory(
assert == cli2.ConsoleScript.singleton.result_handler
assert result.required_args == ['result']
assert not [*result.get_callables()]
def test_callable_function():
from cli2.cli import run
result = cli2.Callable.factory('')
assert == run
assert result.required_args
assert not [*result.get_callables()]
def test_callable_function_async():
async def foo():
assert cli2.Callable('foo', foo).is_async
def test_callable_object_async():
class Foo:
async def __call__(self):
assert cli2.Callable('foo', Foo()).is_async
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